Terms of Service


The Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms") include matters that must be complied with by registered users in the sale and purchase of virtual currency provided by the Company and use of other related services and The relationship of rights and obligations between our company and registered users is stipulated. Those who use this service as a registered user, please be sure to read the full text before agreeing to the terms.


Article 1  Apply


  1. This Agreement is intended to establish the rights and obligation relationship between us and registered users (defined in Article 2) concerning the use of this service (as defined in Article 2), and between the registered user and the Company It applies to all relations related to the use of this service.
  2. The rules, provisions, etc. relating to this service that we post from time to time on our website (as defined in Article 2) constitute a part of this agreement.


Article 2  Definition


  1. "Intellectual Property Rights" means data including copyright, patent right, utility model right, trademark right, design right, transaction price that can be acquired by various APIs developed or provided by the Company or its affiliates , All rights related to documents, databases, websites, graphics, software, applications, programs, codes etc. including chat writing and contents of our company e-mail etc, other intellectual property rights Or the right to apply for registration etc. for those rights).
  2. "Our website" means the website operated by the Company whose domain is "exchange-sgp.com" (any device used is not required, regardless of the reason, the domain of our website Or if the content has been changed, it will include the changed website).
  3. "Registered applicant" means "applicant for registration" as defined in Article 3.
  4. "Registration information" means "registration information" defined in Article 3.
  5. "Registered User" means an individual or a corporation registered as a user of this service pursuant to Article 3.
  6. "Service" means a service that provides a place to buy and sell virtual currency among registered users provided by the Company, other related services (in case the name or content of the service changes regardless of reason , Including the changed service).
  7. "Contract for use" means a contract for use of this service in accordance with the provisions of this agreement established between us and registered users under Article 3, paragraph 3.
  8. "Virtual currency" means the virtual currency handled by the Company.


Article 3  Registration.


  1. Person who wishes to use this service (hereinafter referred to as "registrant") agrees to comply with these Terms and also provides certain information (hereinafter referred to as "Registration Information" ) To our company by the method specified by our company, you can apply for registration of the use of this service to our company.
  2. The registrant shall promise that past and present self-do not fall under any of the following items and will not be applied in the future


  1. Anti-social forces etc. ( organizations involved in organized crime groups, general meeting organizations, social movements, etc.) or other special intelligence violence groups, etc. )
  2. There is some sort of interaction with anti-social forces etc involving cooperation in maintenance, operation or management of anti-social forces etc. through fund provision etc. Other involvement is involved


  1. Based on our standards, we will decide whether to register the applicant for registration. If a party accepts registration and informs the applicant to that effect, we shall have completed registration as registered user of this registrant by this notification. Even if you refuse registration, those of us will not have obligation to clarify the reason for the registrants. In this case, the parties shall have no obligation to return the documents etc received from registrants.
  2. When the registration under the preceding paragraph has been completed, the use contract of the service based on the provision of this contract is established between the registered user and the Company, and the registered user is allowed to use under the prescribed conditions.
  3. The Company may refuse registration if a person applying for registration pursuant to paragraph 1 falls under any of the events listed in the following items.


  1. If all or part of the registration information provided to us is incorrect or there is a falsehood
  2. It is a minor and has not obtained consent from a legal representative, guardian, or assistant.
  3. It is antisocial forces, etc. to cooperate and involve in the maintenance, operation and management of antisocial forces, etc. through provision of funds. Others will exchange and engage with antisocial forces and others. Or when judging that there was a relationship within five years in the past
  4. If we judge that we are conducting acts listed in Article 8 or Article 12 or have done it
  5. If the user resides in a country or region where the Company does not provide this service, or if we can not provide this service
  6. In addition, if we determine that registration is not appropriate


Article 4  Change of registration information etc.


  1. Registered users shall notify the Company without delay by the method specified by the Company if there is a change in the registration information and submit the materials requested by the Company.
  2. We will notify registered users of changes that fall under any of the important government officials, such as foreign governments and relatives.


Article 5 Password and user ID management


  1. Registered users are responsible for their own responsibility, including the password (login password, API secret, secret key, authentication code, security code, any other name, including the same below) and user ID (login ID, account ID, API key or any other name) and shall not be used by third parties, lend, transfer, name change, trading, etc, to third parties .
  2. Registered users shall be liable for damages for damages due to deficiencies such as incomplete management of passwords and user IDs, errors in use, leaks, use by third parties, theft, etc.Regardless of whether the registered user himself or herself is registered or not, it is necessary to verify the password by authenticating the password and the user ID and verifying the use of this service (for example, for a direct or indirect reason As a result, the fact that the use of this service was performed as a result of a password or user ID being stolen by the service).
  3. If the registered user finds that the password or user ID has been stolen or used by a third party, the registered user shall immediately notify the Company in accordance with the company's instructions.


Article 6  Price and payment method


  1. When using this service, it is necessary to pay the fee specified by the Company.


Article 7  Use of this service


  1. Registered users shall use this service within the scope of the purpose of these Terms of Use, only within the valid registration period as registered users, within the scope not to violate these Terms, in accordance with the method specified by the Company I will. In using this service, carefully read this agreement, the documents posted on our website, risks and other information, understand the content of the service including the sale and purchase of virtual currency, the structure, the risk etc. please. Decision making of use and responsible use shall be understood and agreed on all contents
  2. The preparation and maintenance of computers, software and other equipment, communication lines and other communication environments necessary for receiving the provision of this service shall be made at the expense and responsibility of registered users.
  3. Registered users shall take security measures such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and prevention of information leaks at their own expense and responsibility according to the use environment of their own service.
  4. Among the Services, the terms and conditions for buying and selling virtual currency in Exchange are as follows.


  1. The exchange provides a place to check registered users who want to mainly sell virtual currencies (hereinafter referred to as "sellers") and registered users ("buyers") they wish to purchase. (In some cases, we may become parties to buying and selling.) We do not promise or guarantee the establishment of virtual currency transaction to registered users.
  2. Seller and buyer may submit orders for purchase of virtual currency and order for purchase according to the method defined by us. The price to purchase and sell the virtual currency is determined by matching of the price presented by the seller and the buyer and we do not take any responsibility for the price.
  3. If the amounts presented by the parties match, a transaction is entered between the seller and the buyer concerning the buying and selling of the virtual currency. Registered users must recognize in advance that they can not cancel after being bound by such conditions at the time of concluding the contract.
  4. Even if damages or losses occur due to communication failure, server failure, program failure, etc. due to temporary or failure countermeasures, etc., etc., we assume no responsibility, compensation, compensation Absent. The registered user approves this and conducts transactions.


  1. The terms of use for depositing the virtual currency to the registered user account and paying out the virtual currency from the same account are as follows.


  1. A registered user can deposit a virtual currency into a registered user account according to the method specified by the Company for the purpose of using this service.The deposit of the virtual currency is when the registrant accepts the virtual currency after confirming the virtual currency, not at the completion of the currency check or other procedures.In addition, in the process of remittance, deposit, return, there is a risk that assets such as currency not suitable for service will be lost. We are not responsible for any damage caused by registered users.
  2. In accordance with the request of registered users, we respond to the sending of virtual currency from user account according to the method defined by us. The user shall be fully responsible for such virtual currency in the case where the payment target or the remittance destination is specified at the risk of himself and the virtual currency is sent according to the order of the registered user I will. It does not guarantee the accuracy and validity of the destination information provided by the user.
  3. We shall voluntarily decide whether to respond to the occurrence of events such as hard fork, virtual currency change, air drop, etc, and countermeasures. We will not assume any responsibility if we do not take such measures or if damage to registrants or third parties arises due to malfunction or correction of registered contents.
  1. The Company shall be able to borrow the virtual currency without obtaining collateral to registered users after obtaining the consent of registered users (including comprehensive consent).


Article 8  Prohibited act


  1. Registered users shall not take any action corresponding to any of the following items in using this service.


  1. The act of infringing on intellectual property rights or portrait rights of the Company, other users of this service or other third parties (including acts to directly or indirectly induce such infringement)
  2. The act of commercial use of things that have intellectual property rights and portrait rights including copyrights by our company without prior consent of our company and acts of reprinting etc. to a third party
  3. Acts that violate privacy rights, honor, other rights or interests of privacy of the Company, affiliated companies of the Company or other persons related to the Company or other users of the Service or other third parties
  4. Practice to conduct fraud, purchase / sale of illegal goods / services etc, transfer revenue due to crime or use services based on it
  5. Acts related to criminal acts or acts contrary to public order and morals
  6. Ad serving (unless permitted) to other registered users
  7. Acts that violate internal rules of laws or regulations or industry associations to which our company or registered users belong
  8. Acts that fall under the double assignment of virtual currency or acts that attempt to do so
  9. Acts of sending information including computer viruses and other harmful computer programs, or acts of destroying or obstructing the system, server, network or other functions managed by the Company, or causing unnecessarily excessive burden
  10. Acts that use bugs, security holes, or other deficiencies in acts of using systems, servers, networks or other errors related to this service, or systems managed by the Company
  11. The act of altering information that can be used for this service
  12. Acts of transmitting data exceeding a certain data capacity specified by the Company
  13. Acts that may interfere with the management of the Service by the Company
  14. The act of intentionally stealing the assets of registered users, our company or our affiliated company by replay attack (replay attack) etc.
  15. Distributing things that are different from rumor and facts, acts of damaging our credibility using spoofing or power etc. or extortion
  16. The act of the same person creating multiple accounts
  17. Acts that multiple persons use one account or act to cause third parties other than the registered user to use the account
  18. Acts of providing false information to the Company pertaining to the act of opening or opening an account with the name of another person (including hypothesis) or attempting to open, or for all or part of the registered information on the account
  19. Actions that impede market-handling behavior or fair price formation in Exchange
  20. The act of accepting money from the third party other than the registered user himself or deleting money from the account to a third party. (Except when explicitly permitted from us in advance.)
  21. Other acts that we deem inappropriate


  1. In the event that the registered user of this service determines that it falls under any of the items of the preceding paragraph or if the Company judges that there is a possibility that the company may fall, at the discretion of the Company, the information transmitted by the registered user , Deletion or cancellation of the account of the registered user, confiscation of the virtual currency or the like possessed by the registered user (in the case of exchange of another currency, equivalent amount calculated based on the exchange rate) Measures can be taken. At that time, there is no obligation to return documents etc. received from registered users. We are not responsible for any damage caused to registered users based on the measures we have taken under this section.
  2. When conducting any of the actions of each item of paragraph 1, the Company may request penalty fees specified by the Company for registered users.


Article 9  Stop service


  1. In any of the following cases, some or all users can suspend or stop the use of this service in whole or in part without notifying registered users in advance.


  1. Periodically or urgently conduct inspection or maintenance work of the computer / system related to this service
  2. When the computer, communication line, etc. stop due to accident
  3. When the service can not be operated due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disasters, war, political change, strikes, changes in laws and regulations, and sudden change in statutory currency or virtual currency circumstances
  4. In the case of our property theft etc. by hacking and other methods
  5. Pricing system Other system anomalies necessary to provide this service
  6. Investigation of unauthorized use of account etc.
  7. The Company determines that it is necessary to conduct investigations based on laws, regulations, internal regulations of industry groups to which our company or registered users belong, our regulations etc.
  8. If we determine that money or virtual currency of the registered user account is related to criminal profit
  9. If the liquidity of the virtual currency declines markedly
  10. . When judging not to use part or all of virtual currency or related service as a result of branch of block chain such as change of hard fork, specification of virtual currency
  11. When the Company determines that it is not possible to continue providing the service due to changes in laws, policies, social conditions, etc.


  1. The Company may terminate the provision of this service at our convenience. In this case, we will notify registered users in advance.
  2. The Company can suspend the provision of this service without notice to registered users in advance due to the inventory status of our virtual currency.
  3. The Company shall not be held liable for any damages caused to registered users based on measures taken by the Company under this section.


Article 10 Notes on download etc.


When installing this software or using this service, the registered user downloads from the registered user's website etc. of software etc. when installing it on the registered computer, the registered user is destroyed, remodeled, destroyed, damaged You must to do something before you go on. If there is a possibility of damage caused to a registered user, we are not responsible for the damage caused to that user.


Article 11  Rights attribution


  1. All ownership and intellectual property rights relating to our website and this service are licensed to us or our company or our company and are licensed under this agreement to use this service We hold the. Intellectual property rights of this website, or person licensed to us or our company concerning this service. Registered users are not permitted to act in violation of the intellectual property rights of any person who licenses us in our or other circumstances for any reason (including, but not limited to, disassembling, decompiling, reverse reverse engineering)
  2. We are free to use (copy, copy, modify, transfer to third parties, to any third party) freely about the texts, images, movies and other data posted or transmitted by our website or this service Transmission). Other uses).


Article 12  Registration cancellation etc.


  1. If the registered user falls under any of the following conditions, the Company may temporarily suspend or cancel the use of the Service for registered users without prior notice or request.


  1. When we judge that it violates any provision of this agreement or there is a risk of violation
  2. If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration information
  3. If you use this service for any purpose or way to damage us, please contact another registered user or a third party
  4. In case of interfering with the operation of this service regardless of means
  5. Cancellation of payment or resolution of impossibility of payment, petition for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings, commencement of civil rehabilitation proceedings, commencement of corporate restructuring procedures, commencement of special liquidation or commencement of similar procedures
  6. In case of receiving disposition of dishonored bills or checks handed down or underwritten by themselves or when receiving disposition of suspension of transactions at the clearing house or similar measures
  7. When there is a petition for seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposition, compulsory execution or auction
  8. When the necessary fee or fee etc. is not paid by the due date of the Company
  9. In case of death or when receiving a judgment on the commencement of guardianship, commencement of conservation or start of subsidy
  10. In case of tax delinquency
  11. If there is no use of this service for 3 months or more and there is no response to the contact from us
  12. When the Company determines that there is a risk of falling under any of the items of Article 3, paragraph 5
  13. When a registered user gives a high pressure attitude to the Company or our employees through a communication means such as telephone, fax, e-mail, message
  14. When instructing or requesting from a public institution or self-regulatory agency etc
  15. In addition, if we judge that continuation of registration as a registered user is not appropriate


  1. If any of the events listed in each item of the preceding paragraph falls under the circumstances, the registered user loses the benefit of the due date for any obligation owed to the Company and promptly pays all the obligation to the Company It must be.
  2. We are not liable for any damages caused to registered users due to the actions of our company under this section.
  3. Registered users can cancel registration as their registered users by notifying our company in the way prescribed by our company.
  4. In the case of cancellation of registration, at the time of cancellation of registration, you can settle the balance at any time of our company without prior notice to registered users or consent of registered user. We have a registered account registration and the settlement of the deficit of the next paragraph and the overhead of overhead costs for the overhead expenses of the next paragraph and the amount after the deficit of the next paragraph and the next paragraph Sometimes we will refund the withdrawal fee
  5. In the case of cancellation of registration, when an open position of a transaction that the registered user deposits by depositing the margin to the Company remains, or when the registered user remains in debt to the Company, the remaining position is calculated in the calculation of the registered user After settlement by reverse trading etc, we will liquidate the obligation between our company and registered users. Registered users shall bear various expenses incurred in that case. Registered users shall immediately pay to the Company when there is a deficit to be paid to the Company by registered users.

Article 13  Disclaimer of Warranty and Disclaimer


  1. We do not assume any guarantee and any responsibility (including warranty of defect warranty) regarding the sale / purchase of virtual currency, other related services and the value, function, stability, use destination and use etc. of the virtual currency There is none. In addition, even if the registered user obtains information about the service or other registered user directly or indirectly from the Company, we will guarantee the registered user anything beyond what is stipulated in this contract It is not something.
  2. We provide a service to buy and sell virtual currency, provide a place to buy and sell virtual currency among registered users, and undertake no obligation to establish a registered user's order.Therefore, we are not responsible for compensating registered users for reasons such as when the registered user's order is not established, or due to invalid, cancellation or cancellation of the establishment or invalidation of the contract in the sales contract between the registered users.

Registered users who are suspended or restricted due to typographical errors or other acts of registered users, communication by registered users, our users or third parties, failure or operating conditions, ruptures of natural disasters or cyber attacks or other causes of failure If the order is invalid, the result of an unintended

appointment is not issued, the enforcement of the registered user's order is delayed or an unintended order is made, damage to registered users or third parties occurs If so,Registered users also understand and agree in advance that there is a possibility that the registered user may be a transaction result that is not intended by the registered user depending on the type of order, market situation, etc.We will not bear any responsibility if damaged to registered user or third party by transaction result.

  1. Registered users shall investigate whether they violate laws applicable to registered users, laws and regulations of industry organizations, etc. at their own risk and expense. Use of this service by registered users is not guaranteed. Laws applicable to registered users, internal rules of industry organizations, etc. are not guaranteed
  2. Transactions, communications, disputes, etc. arising between registered users and other registered users or third parties in connection with this service or our website shall be processed and resolved at the responsibility of registered users, We are not responsible for any such matters.
  3. Registered users shall use this service and this website at their own risk. We do not guarantee the validity or compatibility of websites and services to registered user's computer equipment and environment.
  4. The Company may suspend, suspend, terminate, disable or change the provision of the Service by the Company, delete or lose the registered user's message or information, cancel registration of registered users, lose data due to the use of this service, We shall not be held responsible for any damage or damage to equipment or any other damages suffered by registered users in connection with this service.
  5. Even if a link from our website to another website or a link to our website from another website is provided, we will not be liable for any websites other than our website and information obtained from it We assume no responsibility for any reason.
  6. The Company shall be able to arbitrarily carry out regulations or restrictions on transactions from the viewpoints of laws and regulations or security, or for prevention and investigation of abnormal transactions / illegal transactions, etc., and the Company shall not be liable for any loss, etc. incurred directly or indirectly by this We will not bear any responsibility.
  7. The Company shall make reasonable judgment as to whether the proposed price is an error or an abnormal value, such as a substantial deviation from the actual market price, whatever the cause of the system, In the case of making a judgment in a general way, you can invalidate the offering price and cancel the contract of the registered user based on the presenting price. We will not be liable for any damages, etc. directly or indirectly caused by this.
  8. We will not be liable for any damages arising from future changes in the tax system including laws, ordinances, laws, ordinances, regulations, orders, notices, ordinances, guidelines and other regulations on virtual currency (hereinafter referred to as "laws and regulations") or related consumption tax Even if damages occurred to registered users, we shall not be held responsible for compensation
  9. In the event that future tax changes such as the virtual currency law or related consumption tax will be retroacted in the past, we will not be responsible for any damages to registered users.


Article 14  Dispute handling and damages


  1. A registered user shall indemnify the Company for damages in the event of damage in violation of these Terms or in the event of damage to the Company in connection with the use of the Service
  2. We are not liable for any damages suffered by registered users in connection with this service.Even in cases where the Company assumes liability for damages against registered users regardless of the provisions of this section or other indemnities exempt from liability for damages due to the application of the Consumer Contract Law or for other reasons, Up to the total amount of usage fee of this service actually received from registered users during the past month from the time of the occurrence of the damage occurrence limit.


Article 15 Validity period


The use contract is a thing that effectively survives between us and the registered user from the day when the registered user is registered based on Article 3 to the day when the registration of the registered user is canceled during the period of providing the service will do.


Article 16 Change of this agreement etc.


  1. We can freely change the contents of this service.
  2. The Company shall be able to change these Terms (including the rules and regulations concerning the Service to be posted on our website, same below in this section). In the event that this agreement is changed, the Company will notify the registered user of the change content, and if the registered user uses this service after the notice of the change content or when the registration is canceled within the period specified by the Company If you do not take the procedure, the registered user considers that you agree to the change of this agreement.


Article 16 Contact / notification


  1. Inquiries concerning this service Other contacts or notices from registered users to us or notifications, notification concerning changes in these terms, and other notices or contacts or notifications from registered users to registered users shall be carried out in accordance with our company.
  2. Cancellation of registered users shall be done in accordance with these terms.



Article 17 Governing law and competent court


The law governing this Agreement shall be the Singapore Law and for all disputes arising out of or relating to this Agreement, the Singapore International Arbitration Center, SIAC shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the First Instance.


Article 18 Consultation solution


We and our registered users shall resolve promptly upon consultation pursuant to the principle of faithfulness and mutual respect mutually in case any matter not stipulated in this Agreement or interpretation of these Terms arises.




October 10, 2018