1. The purpose of this website is to provide professional, international-level trading platforms and financial products to the digital asset lovers and investors as far as possible without violating the relevant laws and regulations. It is forbidden to use this website to engage in all illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling, pyramid selling and commercial bribery. If any of the foresaid is found, we will block the account and submit it immediately to the public security organ.


2. When law enforcement agencies with corresponding investigation documents require this website to cooperate in investigating a designated user, or to block, freeze and transfer the user’s account deposit, we will cooperate with them and provide the corresponding user data, or take other appropriate operations. This site assumes no responsibilities for the losses caused herein.


3. As a provider of services, this website is obligated to improve the rules and services of the platform. However, this website has no motive or fact of contravening the laws and does not bear any joint responsibility for user's behavior.


4. Anyone who logs in to this website in any way or uses services of this website directly/indirectly shall be regarded as voluntarily accepted the statement of this website.


5. For issues not covered in this statement, please refer to the local laws and regulations. When this statement conflicts with the laws and regulations, the later shall prevail.