• ● What is required to open my account?
      ● Are there any conditions for account creation?

      We require that you should satisfy the following conditions to open your account.
      • ・You must be at least 20 years old.
      • ・The use of crypto currency is not prohibited under the laws and regulations of the country or region where you live. And also the use of the crypto currency exchange is not prohibited.
        "You represents and warrants that is not a person who has fallen and shall not fall under any of the followings:
        (1) the Anti Social Forces; or
        (2) a person who cooperate and is involved with the maintenance or operation of any Anti social Forces by providing funding to any Anti Social Forces or any similar act."
      • ・You strictly obey the rules of SGP exchange.
      • ・You will not use our service for money laundering purposes.
    • ● What is required to open my account?
      All you need to create an account is a mail address that can be received email.
      Users who wish to use all the functions in SGP exchange will need verification of the mobile phone number and submitting identification documents (passport or driver's license and address confirmation document).
    • ● Can I trade as soon as I create my account?
      After creating your account, you can start trading by depositing the currency you would like to trade.
    • ● Can I create a corporate account
      We don't provide the service for a corporate account.
    • ● I forgot the information for login to SGP. What should I do?
      If you forget your password, you can reset it from "Forgot your password?" on the top page of SGP site.
      If your registered email address can not be used, please contact Support Center.
    • ● Can I create multiple accounts?
      Only one account can be created for each person.
    • ● Q. I am unable to use the 2-step authentication that I had set up.
      If you cannot use 2-step authentication completely please contact Support Center.
      If you wish to change the 2-step authentication setting, you can reset it on the setting page.